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Paper Pumpkin for only $5.00!! Offer Expires TONIGHT at 11:50pm (MT)


Hi Stampers!

Have you ever thought about giving Paper Pumpkin a try?

Now is the time!  New subscribers can join today and get your first kit for only $5.00.  That’s right!  $5.00 and shipping is included.  How awesome is that?

Sign up at  PAPER PUMPKIN  and use the promo code: ONEDAYDEAL.

Be sure to select me as your demonstrator.

I love Paper Pumpkin and I think you will too.

Be sure to hurry so you don’t miss this offer. It ends tonight, Friday, May 10th at 11:50 pm (MT).  If you have any questions please contact me, I am always here to help.

Check out this video featuring May’s Paper Pumpkin.   Enjoy, Sheri

Paper Pumpkin

Pumper Pumpkin is turning 3 and more!


Paper Pumpkin is turning 3.   Wow!   How time flies.  Right?

I must admit, I still have Paper Pumpkins I haven’t completed yet.   But, I really am getting caught up on them.   With the help of alternative projects on Facebook and Pinterest.  It’s making it so easy to make Paper Pumpkin my own.

With that said, guess what?   Everyone who has a Paper Pumpkin subscription will now receive a monthly email around the same time the little red box is delivered.   In the email it will give you links to the Paper Pumpkin Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram pages.   You will also get a link to a quick alternative project for your Paper Pumpkin kit and a link to get a refill for your kit if you need more.  How cool is that?   I love it.

Paper Pumpkin is also having a sale!   Check it out below!

image image image image



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Alternative Paper Pumkin Projects

Hi Stampers!

Have you ever received your Paper Pumpkin in the mail and, at first sight,  think I don’t really like it?  I must admit I have been there myself. But, fear not, there is help out there.  Yes, there are so many talented Stampers who are thinking outside that pretty red box.

That is what my post is about today.  We don’t have to follow directions.   We certainly can if we are in love with the project.  But, we can change things up a bit.   Kinda exciting right?  Feeling like a little bit of a rebel?  Lol

I want to share with you two friends who thought outside the Paper Pumpkin box.  These are friends who I really look up to and admire.

First up is my dear friend, Oksana Semenska, from Oksana’s Creative Corner. Oksana has been my friend for many years, and is who brought me into the wonderful world of Stamping.   It took a little coaxing to get me to sign up as a demonstrator and for a while I was a “hobby” demonstrator.  But, once again Oksana encouraged me into doing more.  I don’t think I would ever have started classes or started a blog if she hadn’t gently pushed me and told me I could do it.   I am so thankful she did.

So, here are the projects Oksana came up with, as an alternative, for her January Paper Pumpkin.  I think she did a great job!  Please head over to her blog and check out more projects she has done.  I know you will love them.  Click here for Oksana’s Blog





My next friend is Elizabeth Jean Thatcher from Crafts By Happy Stamper.  I have actually only met Elizabeth in person once.  It was at the Leadership Convention in Orlando.  We actually got to go on stage together for getting a title promotion.  I was so thankful to have someone to go up there with. Lol   Along with Oksana, we are a part of Tami White’s Team Stamp It group and Elizabeth has also helped me with my blog.  I didn’t understand the whole “blog hop permalink thing”.  Elizabeth was kind enough to talk me through it.   I still have my piece of paper I was frantically writing notes on, as she was explaining permalinks to me.  It’s my safety net when doing blog hops. Lol.

Here are the alternative projects Elizabeth has come up with.  She also has a video tutorial showing how to make the absolutely adorable mailbox.  How do you come up with this stuff Elizabeth?  Please head over to her blog, where you can download a free template to make the mailbox and check out more awesome projects and videos.  Subscribe and like her YouTube channel so you won’t miss any videos. Click here for Elizabeth’s Blog

image image



One more awesome place to find great alternative Paper Pumpkin ideas is the Facebook group PAPER PUMPKIN FAN CLUB.  Tons of talented crafters share their alternative ideas for our much loved Paper Pumpkin

Happy Crafting!


Paper Pumpkin

Paper Pumpkin Is Going PINK For October

To show our support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re going PINK . . . or at least our October boxes are! And because we know our subscribers want to share the love too, we will be making a donation on their behalf to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).

Stampin’ Up! will donate

$1 for every active Paper Pumpkin subscriber.
Plus, an additional $1 for every new subscriber.
Together, we will make a difference

New subscribers are those who signed up between September 11 and October 10, 2015 and have not been a Paper Pumpkin subscriber at any time in the past.
All funds will be donated in US dollars.
Mini spoiler alert! The October project inside the pink box is just as awesome as always, but we should probably let you know that it is not a pink project. That’s all we’re saying. 😉
Funds will be donated based on number of subscribers instead of boxes shipped. But, if you want more than one pink box, you can always increase your subscription quantity by logging into your account at before October 10.

Paper pumpkin pink
Paper pumpkin pink
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