Paper Pumpkin

Pumper Pumpkin is turning 3 and more!


Paper Pumpkin is turning 3.   Wow!   How time flies.  Right?

I must admit, I still have Paper Pumpkins I haven’t completed yet.   But, I really am getting caught up on them.   With the help of alternative projects on Facebook and Pinterest.  It’s making it so easy to make Paper Pumpkin my own.

With that said, guess what?   Everyone who has a Paper Pumpkin subscription will now receive a monthly email around the same time the little red box is delivered.   In the email it will give you links to the Paper Pumpkin Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram pages.   You will also get a link to a quick alternative project for your Paper Pumpkin kit and a link to get a refill for your kit if you need more.  How cool is that?   I love it.

Paper Pumpkin is also having a sale!   Check it out below!

image image image image



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